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"I am not the danger"



Our Story


ApingBad is a community based project. Our team of "neighborhood" developers spanning multiple continents have all been chewed up and spit out by the meme token frenzy scams and rug pulls at one time or another. However, we realized that in all the chaos, we met great people and enjoyed the camaraderie of pumping to the moon! We started this project to create a community without the negatives of FUD. Profits are great but community and integrity are better. If you want a place to feel safe with the excitement of pumping green candles to the moon, and eating those delicious dips, ape with us into ApingBad now!



Token Distribution:

  1. Initial Allocation:

    • ​Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 tokens

    • Estimated 20% of tokens were burned during migration from to Raydium.

  2. Development Wallet:

    • Was 10% 

    • 1.3% going to community

    • 8.7% (87M) coins burned

    • Additionial 3M coins burned

  3. Community Wallet
    • Initially allocated 10% of the token supply.

    • 5% liquidated and used for marketing

    • Community-driven decision-making through polls on platforms like Telegram.

    • Funds may be allocated for various purposes such as marketing, listings, or potential burns based on community consensus.​​

Trackable with with the website
Note: The team is committed to transparency and accountability, ensuring community involvement in governance and decision-making processes.

Phase 1: Birth
A) Team Assembly: Gather a group of skilled developers to form the core team.
B) Web & Social Media Development: Create an engaging website and establish a presence on all relevant social media platforms.
C) Coin Development & Launch: Develop the ApingBad coin and launch it on
D) Community Growth: Aim to reach 100 coin holders and 200 Telegram group members.


Phase 2: Baby Steps
A) Dex Listing: Get ApingBad listed on Radyium.
B) Marketing Campaigns: Initiate marketing campaigns to boost brand visibility.
C) Community Expansion: Grow to 500 coin holders and 1,000 Telegram group members.
D) Voting System: Implement a voting system for the community to participate in major decisions.


Phase 3: Development
A) Merchandise: Launch ApingBad branded merchandise.
B) NFT Creation: Create unique ApingBad NFTs with utility, part of trading fees will be used to buy back and burn ApingBad.
C) Develop automated rewards distribution bot/website for shilling. 
D) Marketing Funding: Allocate funds for ongoing marketing campaigns.
E) Community Development: Foster a strong community to propel ApingBad to new heights with 1500 holders and 3000 Telegram members. 

Phase 4: Building ApingBad Utility Ecosystem
A) Complementary Utility Coin: Develop a complementary utility coin that rewards holders with airdrops/staking/farming and more.
B) ApingBad Swap: Establish an ApingBad swap platform for SOL coins, with a mechanism to buy back and burn ApingBad coins, adding deflationary pressure.
C) Staking Website: Develop a staking platform for ApingBad coins and NFTs, offering rewards in the form of the complementary utility coin.
D) Strategic Partnerships: Form partnerships with other coins, pledging a percentage of the complementary coin in exchange for their coins to be staked, providing additional rewards for holders.
E) Growth Targets: Achieve 12,000 Telegram users and 10,000 coin holders.


Phase 5: Expansion and Dominance
A) CEX Listings: List ApingBad on centralized exchanges (CEXs).
B) Global Presence: Establish ApingBad as a dominant player in the meme coin market.


Dodge the FUD


Can you get the highscore?


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